Farah Lister has been designing jewellery since 1986. Farah is based in London after living and working all over the world. Last year
saw the release of her newest collection "Angels" in Sterling Silver, which are part of an ongoing concept that will lead the way to her designing accessories such as belts, bags and even t-shirts.

Her career started with couture pieces, designing and creating bespoke items for discerning individuals. Farah then moved on to dramatic and original costume jewellery embracing the fashion industry and was a finalist in Best Costume Jewellery Design Awards in 1998 and 1999.

Her jewellery is renowned for its bold scale and brilliant colour contrasts and has been sought after by fashion editors and stylists. She has gained a following amongst an aware international clientele. Celebrities and society figures continue to indulge in her eye catching creations.

More recently she had been involved in design for Swarovski's Signity line for 2005, with her designs being presented in cities across the World.